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Factors to consider when renting or buying office space

Office in Malta

If you would like to rent or purchase an office space in any city, you must first look for a reliable real estate agent or sign up at a reputable real estate website, like, that specializes in real estate properties in the area. This way, you can rest assured that when you buy or rent an office in Malta, everything will be in perfect legal order.

The first factor you need to consider when renting or buying office space is the location. Malta does not have a sole business district but similarly to other small countries like Singapore, it has a single-city feel to it and businesses have sprouted all over the island. But if you are thinking of setting up shop here, the most popular choices would Sliema, Saint Julian's and Valletta.

Another factor to consider is the desired size. Depending on the type of business that you have, you would need different space requirements. If you are running an interior decorating business, for example, a one-room office where there is a drawing desk, space for your computer, and a small area for designing would be enough. If you have a printing business where you make use of bulky equipment, a larger area would definitely be required. For this reason, it pays to ask for a copy of the floor plan and inquire immediately about the total area in square meters.

Your budget and the length of lease

Before even attempting to buy or rent an office in Malta, you must have a business plan with a detailed budget. How much can you spend on office space rental or purchase? Based on the ceiling price, you can look for a suitable office space that will best suit your needs. With regards to the length of the lease, typically business leases have a minimum of one year but there are some that require a two- or three-year contract. Whether you are setting up or merely expanding the business, remember that it takes time to recover your initial investment, so think about this when considering the length of the lease.

Other factors you might need to consider: 

  • Is the office pre-furnished? Does it have the necessary amenities such as air conditioning?
  • What are the terms if you want to expand in the future?
  • Can you put up signage?
  • Is parking a problem?

By taking all of these things into consideration, you can look for an office space to rent or buy that will perfectly suit the needs of your startup or growing business.


Aside from Sliema and Valletta, you can have an office with a sea view in St. Julian's, or in other central less touristy locations such as Floriana, Mosta, Swieqi, Qormi or Naxxar.
Whether you are buying or renting office space in Malta, it is important to read the small print before signing a contact. Check on the terms for extension of the lease, expansion of area, termination of the lease in case you need to do so in the future, and similar aspects which are important when running a business.
Yes, you should definitely negotiate if there is a clause in the contract which you do not find favourable for you as a renter. No matter which industry it is that your business is in, you should learn how to negotiate your lease for an office space, especially if you want your business in Malta to succeed.

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