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Office for Sale in Malta

You’re starting a new business or expanding your existing operation, so you’re on the lookout for offices for sale in Malta. Buying an office rather than renting is as much a commitment as buying any property, so you need to approach it properly to achieve what you need, that is, an office fit for purpose within your set budget in a suitable location.

You will need to consider what size of office space you need. Will it be one big space or do you need it divided into smaller offices. How easy would it be to carry out any structural modifications that are needed? Is there sufficient parking space for employees? Do you want an office in a block with communal services like a concierge or janitor? How far away from your current operation or home is feasible or achievable – what about transport links for employees?

These questions and more are important when looking for offices for sale in Malta or Gozo. You need to make some decisions and then you can use the options in our advanced search function to find properties that meet your criteria. But you can reset your criteria anytime to widen or narrow down your search.  

We’re here to help you find an office that will take your business forward.