Bungalows in Malta are a varied bunch ranging from small to luxurious mansion-sized houses found in urban and rural areas.

The Origins of Bungalow

Bungalows in Malta are the same as elsewhere in the world. They are a single storey house. Unlike many property types, they have a very specific origin. The word bungalow dates back to the 17th century and comes from the Hindi word baṅglā which means belonging to Bengal. It referred to the type of cottages that were being built in the Indianprovince by early European settlers.

What is a Bungalow?

The original bungalow was a small house or cottage usually surrounded by wide verandas. When bungalows followed Europeans back to the continent, for a long time they were associated with the elderly and infirm due to the convenience of everything being on one level. As time passed though, every type of person began to appreciate the benefits of one-storeyliving and these days bungalows make great homes for anyone.

This acceptance into the mainstream has also had an impact on the style of bungalows. Many bungalows that started off as a single-storey have had a second storey built into their sloping roof usually with dormer windows. This practice continues today.

Bungalows in Malta

People looking for bungalows for sale in Malta may want the convenience of one-storey living or they may be looking for one with that all-important sloping roof that they can develop into a second storeyand additional rooms.  Bungalows may be detached or semi-detached.

Like all properties, bungalows in Malta are at the vagary of the way real estate is described in the islands. The term bungalow can be an over-arching description of a “house” that may also be described and marketed as another property type.

A one-storey house – aka bungalow - in Malta might also be a:

Farmhouse  - although not as popular in Malta as other countries, there are plenty of examples of one-level farmhouses that qualify to be called a bungalow. They vary in style and age although they are most likely to be older properties that have been modernised or are perfect to be modernised. Some of the bigger farmhouse bungalows in Malta are in the hacienda style.

Villa – a one-storeyed villa will also probably be what is called a hacienda style. Ideal for holiday homes, villa-style bungalows for rent in Malta are a popular commodity for property investors from which to earn an income. They are usually a modern build and luxury villa-bungalows will invariably have a swimming pool. Some of the most spectacular designs of homes in Malta are recently built single-level villas.

Houses of Character – any type of property can be classified as a house of character. This description is not unique to Maltese homes, but the term is used quite specifically in Malta as a property type, whereas in other countries it is merely a description. A bungalow that is also classed as a house of character will have outstanding original features that give it a distinguished character. These features can be anything from original beams and stone or wooden floors to a well in the garden or a stable block.

Looking for a bungalow

Looking for a bungalow to buy in Malta is no different to any other property search. The key considerations are budget, location and size. Knowing how much a bank will lend you as a mortgage plus any money you have saved will determine your maximum budget. Bungalows are found all over Malta and Gozo, so location is very much a personal preference/choice and the availability of a suitable property in your chosen place. Everything else is down to what you want – how many bedrooms and bathrooms, the style of home, what extra features you might want like a garage, for example. Then it’s just a case of serendipity – everything coming together to be the bungalow of your dreams.


It is the same as for any property type. It all depends on the market and how many bungalows are available to buy or rent at the time you are looking.

The rules and regulations as operated by the Planning Authority in Malta are always subject to change, so it is vital to contact the authority before making any changes. If you engage an architect to undertake your development, they will usually understand the current situation and will usually guide you through the planning process. You can visit the Planning Authority website.

As above, you will need to seek advice from the Planning Authority.


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