The Range of Houses in Malta

Houses in MaltaHouses in Malta demonstrate one of the hugest diversities of anywhere in the world which is particularly amazing when you consider the size of the country.

When you think about a property in malta, or specifically, houses for sale in Malta you need to be aware of the classifications generally used by the real estate market, because sometimes a house is more than a house.

Types of Houses in Malta

Terraced House – A terraced house is a single house in a row of other houses. In the row, internal walls are shared. Within the terrace, each house shares two internal walls, while the end houses share just the one. End of terrace houses are often considered more desirable than mid-terrace. Terraced Houses in Malta are generally Post-war and modern builds in the islands’ larger towns.

Townhouse – One thing you have to love about the real estate market in Malta is the quirks of property definition. In the rest of the world, townhouses are generally a terraced house. They are of a small footprint but multi-storied. In Malta, a townhouse may be a standalone house – although it still has multiple floors and a small footprint. Townhouses are among the older properties for sale in the Maltese islands and you can usually expect them to have some interesting and beautiful heritage features.

Farmhouse – Many farmhouses in Malta no longer house a family who work the land. Changing times and the changing economy has brought a nice variety of farmhouses onto the market. Early on, developers saw the attraction (and profit)  of converting or refurbishing them to make them smart and modern on the inside while retaining their rustic exterior. You might find untouched (unconverted) farmhouses for sale, but they are quite rare these days.

House of Character – You will find many properties described as a house of character in Malta and Gozo although they are fast-moving so they get snapped up quickly. A house of character might be any one of the “house” types described here but it has that special something or somethings that makes it stand out among its peers.

Villa – The word villa has become synonymous with the travel industry and this is true of Malta but there’s no rule that says villas for rent or buy have to be for holidaymakers. Villas make great family homes as well as second homes and investment properties (to provide a rental income). The most attractive villas are going to be closer to the coast with sea views a definite positive (which will add a premium to the price). Villas are as diverse as other house types in Malta. They vary greatly in size, design, and features.

Bungalow - Although not strict to the definition of a house, it doesn’t fit within any other category. The unique character of a bungalow is that it is a single storey house. All rooms are on the one floor connected by hallways. And like any other dwelling, they vary in size by number of bedrooms and the features that make it unique to other houses in Malta.

Other property types that you will come across when buying or looking for houses to rent in Malta that do not come under the general umbrella term of house are:


New houses are unusual in Malta. There aren’t housing “estates” like in many European countries. There are plenty of new properties in the islands – especially in the Special Designated Areas – but they are generally multiple housing developments of flats, maisonettes and townhouses.

Yes, you can but we are not qualified to provide expert advice on that issue here at

The only answer to that is “where you want”! Houses are found all over Malta and Gozo so location is very much a personal consideration. It is a case of finding the right property in the right location for you.

6.000€ monthly

House for rent in Lija by Frank Salt’s agent Simone Magri

Spectacular residence located in a quaint alley within one of...
5 beds
3 baths
1.400€ monthly

House for rent in Siggiewi by QuickLets’s agent Mirko Abbraciavento (RENTED)

Beautiful House of Characters in Siggiewi. First floor – large,...
3 beds
2 baths
2.600€ monthly

Terraced house for rent in Rabat by QuickLets’s agent Mirko Abbraciavento (RENTED)

RABAT – UNFURNISHED Terraced townhouse; hall; kitchen/living/dining; three double bed...
3 beds
2 baths

House of Character For Sale in Lija by Remax Malta

LIJA – Beautifully converted HOUSE OF CHARACTER set in a...
4 beds
2 baths