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Formation and Company Background

Dhalia Real Estate Services

Information about Dhalia Real Estate Services – the largest privately owned real estate agency in Malta
Dhalia Real Estate Services was founded in Malta in 1982, meaning that it has provided almost forty years of service. The company is one of the largest and most prominent real estate agencies in Malta.

Dhalia Real Estate Services Employees

As of 2020, and with the current number of branches to work with, Dhalia boasts more than 150 experienced property and real estate agents in their network. This is one of the largest real estate workforces in Malta which means that their influence and ability to cover multiple property sales is swift, efficient, and professional.

Dhalia Real Estate Services operations

Dhalia’s business efforts are focused on providing real estate and property transaction assistance within Malta and Gozo. As you have seen above, their branch network stretches across both islands, and its current business model is to provide expert assistance in this geographical area rather than branching out into other countries.

Being the large and expansive domestic agent business that they are, Dhalia puts their name to a number of different kinds of property transactions within the Maltese islands. The most common types of transactions that are facilitated by Dhalia agents include buying a residential property, buying a second home, and dealing with all of the specific requirements that that entails, buying a commercial property, and also buying a property with the intention of letting it out immediately.

Dhalia also has dedicated sections on their website about providing extra help and assistance for both first-time buyers and international buyers. This is an example of the extra care and attention that exemplifies the overall Dhalia ethic and character.

Alongside the expected buying and buying to let options, Dhalia also offers a range of rental options for those who are not looking to make a permanent commitment or those who want to make some financial gain from a second, unused home in Malta and Gozo. Through Dhalia, clients can both find a home or a local commercial property to rent, as well as arrange for the rental of a home or commercial property that they already own. Dhalia also helps visitors to Malta rent a holiday home. It is a full and extensive service.

The Branch Network

As of 2020, Dhalia boasts a total of 16 different branches with an extra premises that serves as a head office for more generalised queries and activities. Head office is in Cobalt House, Birkirkara. Current branch locations are:

Commission and Fees

If you decide to work exclusively with Dhalia in what is known as a ‘sole agency agreement’, then the fee is set at a lower than average rate of 3.5%. Alternatively, if you want to open up your options to multiple agencies, then this will be classed as an ‘open agency agreement’ and in these circumstances, the agency fee is raised to 5%. This both helps to cover costs for Dhalia if you end up opting for another agency and helps to compensate the client with a lower fee if you decide to work solely with Dhalia. For reference, more than 70% of properties placed with Dhalia are on a ‘sole agency agreement’ basis.

Clients using Dhalia as a letting agency can expect to pay the equivalent of half a month’s rent, plus VAT. This same value applies to both lessee and lessor.

Reasons to Choose Dhalia

The size and team strength of the Dhalia network is considered their main attraction when it comes to potential clients and customers. There are more than 30,000 properties listed on their databases which gives you an idea of the wide-reaching variety that the different branches are able to offer. Being Malta’s largest privately owned real estate company and boasting over 35 years’ worth of real estate experience, clients’ property needs are being met by expert professionals in their field.

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