One of the most common reasons to rent a duplex in Malta is the additional space the property provides over a flat or apartment. Another benefit is that you get as much as or even more space than a single dwelling (house) but at a lesser price per month.

Finding the perfect duplex to rent in Malta means being clever in your search. We’ve equipped our search function with plenty of options to enable exactly that. The main search functions are as you expect them to be for any property search: location, budget, type, and size. You can search the whole of Malta or Gozo or you can pinpoint a specific town or a geographical area. Afterwards, just use the slider to set your budget. Once you’ve selected these, you can hit the advanced button to get down to the nitty-gritty details. In the Other tab, you can pick the number of rooms and bathrooms. Click on the Amenities tab and you can select all the options that are important to you. Remember though, the information relies on what landlords include in their description, so it is best to not be so adamant you must have a certain option. You can click on and off amenities as many times as you like.

Good luck in finding the duplex to rent in Malta that meets your requirements.

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