Farmhouse for Sale in Malta


You might think it sad that houses that were once family homes for people who worked the land are now desirable countryside properties and that their original use is past them. It is a sign of the changing Maltese economy that there are far fewer farmers with small acreages, but the upside is a slew of beautiful rural properties.

If you’re looking for a farmhouse for sale in Malta, you will have many options. They start with basic houses in need of some renovation or modernisation and move through to the most luxurious of properties that have been redeveloped into stunning luxury homes complete with private pool. The beauty of these characteristic farmhouses is their stand-alone nature and diversity. Some farmhouses are also designated as houses of character.

If you want to buy a farmhouse, the most important consideration is going to be budget. As this type of property is found all over the islands, the budget will be a bigger influence on choice. Set your budget in our search function and you’ll find farmhouses for sale in different locations, different sizes, and different states of condition.

Search for a farmhouse for sale in Malta and get ready to escape to the country.

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