Renting and Buying a Studio Flat in Malta

Studio flats Malta

Studio flats are ideal first-time homes for single people and couples. They are a self-contained unit in which the living room, kitchen, and bedroom form one main room. The bathroom is usually the only space separated into its own room. The studio is often designed in an L-shape to allow there to be some sense of demarcation between the bedroom and the rest of the living space. With an increasing number of studio apartments in Malta in very recent years, it is an affordable way to own property on the lovely Mediterranean island.

Why buy or rent a studio flat in Malta? In general, this is a wonderful place to invest in property. The country enjoys a high standard of living and an attractive climate. It is also one of the few Western countries where the real estate market has remained stable throughout various global financial crises making it a solid investment option. The island has sound banking ethics and its population has a long-standing faith in investing in bricks and mortar. These have helped the real estate market to experience a consistent capital growth.

Another factor is the availability of properties. The selection is vast in terms of both budget and style. There is everything from multi-million euro mansions to simple studio flats for sale in Malta. Available properties are located all around the island (as well as in Gozo) with rural, village, and town settings.

On top of these factors, the Maltese government has also made living in Malta easier. In 2013, the Maltese Global Residence Program was introduced. This grants Non-Maltese and non-residents the status of tax resident and special tax status (flat-rate income tax at 15 per cent on foreign source income). The residency requirements are to rent or buy a property in Malta and paying an administrative fee amounting to EUR 6,000. This makes it an attractive proposition to either choose to reside or invest in a second (holiday) home.

Why Choose to Buy or Rent a Studio Flat in Malta:

  • Despite their size, studio flats have their advantages.
  • As a contained living space, a studio flat is easy to keep clean and tidy and maintain.
  • It is easy to move furniture around and restyle, meaning you can make it feel like a new home very easily and in short time.
  • It is an affordable way of owning a holiday home on a beautiful island where the weather is gorgeous in summer and mild in winter.


Because a studio flat is essentially one room, it is not considered ideal for family living. It is more suitable for a single person or a couple. However, it can be a good first step on the property ladder for a young couple with a baby. As soon as baby starts walking and growing however, the family should relocate to a bigger property.

As studio flats are one of the most recent growth areas of property in Malta, they are mostly found in towns and large villages. They are usually purpose built. It is rare to find a rural property that has been converted into studio flats. In general, most urban coastal areas will have some studio flat development either in a block of all studios or in a block with other, larger apartments. If you are looking to buy a studio flat in Malta as a holiday home, the island’s main seaside towns and resorts will have a good selection, although remember, there will probably be a premium for a sea view.

If you are a first-time buyer on the island, it is helpful to deal with a real estate agent. The agent should be licenced/authorised to ensure they understand the laws and application of property laws in Malta. An agent would be able to help through all the paperwork and understanding of the fees. They also have the local knowledge about the area(s) where you’re considering a property. However, with you can also view numerous property listings sold directly from owners, in case you are not keen on paying agency fees.

750€ monthly

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750€ monthly

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