There could be any number of reasons you are looking for a garage for sale in Malta. Maybe you can’t park your car outside your home, or you have a second vehicle that can’t be housed in your existing garage. You might want a storage facility or somewhere to use as a workshop or as a small commercial facility. Whatever the reason, you want a garage that is safe and secure and preferably close to your home or business.

Garages for sale in Malta and Gozo are going to be in urban areas. It is unlikely there will be garages in the countryside, although that’s not impossible. So, location is a major consideration. Our search function enables you to narrow down the properties to your desired area.

You’ll also need to consider budget, size and how many vehicles it can hold, and ease of access – all of which depends on the use to which you are going to put the garage. Remember too, the process of buying a garage is no different to any other property and you will need to consider the fees you’ll have to pay alongside the purchase price.

Use our advanced search options to find a garage for sale in Malta or Gozo that suits your requirements.