Terms and conditions

Conditions for using realestates.mt

When you are using realestates.mt you are accepting our terms and conditions. In this section you will find an overview of it, please read it carefully before start reviewing, listining or reporting something.

Terms of use

As we wrote before, is very important to read these conditions carefully before using www.realestates.mt. Because anytime that an user or an owner publishing something, they sign your agreement to be bound by these conditions.

We work steadily to provide the best user experience possible in your listings, directories and reviews. For this reason, we will ask you to be able choosing the correct words to explain your point of view in your reviews or reports. It is not necessary to offend or defame people. You can write whatever you want, but we reserve the right to delete without notice or explanation any type of content added on our site that is not appropriate or offensive.

We are not responsible (without exception) for damages of any kind resulting from the improper use of the site, both in publishing an advertisement, a list, a review or a report, and in responding to it. Furthermore, we have no accept any responsibility or liability for, any problems that arise from properties or tenancy arrangements that are supplied by users of our website. Every user must be responsible for their actions on this website. On the other side in order to protect all users using our website, we reserve the right to take down listings if we deem them to be abusing or not respect our terms and conditions.

All users agree with:

  • Any information provides on this website is accurate, reliable and polite (this includes all property' information, personal information, contact details);
  • Not use Realestates.mt to distribute any illegal, obscene or otherwise harmful content;
  • Not impersonate others or create false accounts, listings or reviews on the website;
  • Be responsible for any actions of any logging into the realestates.mt using your username and password.

All owners profile agree and warrant when list a property on this website that:

  • have the right to offer the property for rental or for sales;
  • If they require consent from any third party, will explain it in their list;
  • have posted truthful photos and videos of the property;
  • everything about the property is safe and in working order;
  • are responsible for ensuring the property meets the legal requirements;
  • not create multiple listings for the same room or property; 
  • not create dummy or feeder adverts which do not accurately reflect a property currently available for rent or for sale.

Legal Advice 

Realestates.mt is only an intermediary of the service. We assume no responsibility for the conduct of the lawyer. However, we guarantee to put you in contact only with specialized and experienced lawyers.