Penthouse in Malta

Renting or Buying a Penthouse in Malta

Penthouse in Malta

A penthouse is an flat situated on the topmost floor of a building. For this reason, it is characterized by a lot of natural light and some have the added appeal of enjoying splendid views. The majority of penthouses are luxuriously finished and furnished.  Their demand has skyrocketed in Malta in the last couple of years also because they offer more outdoor space when compared to other types of properties. Being on the topmost floor, one can entertain family and friends in privacy, a luxury which maisonettes and flats do not have. 

Now, what if you want to buy a penthouse in Malta? Historically, the space occupied by what we now know as penthouses used to be used as laundry or utility rooms. From this, architects turned the topmost floors of buildings into beautiful dwelling places where there are huge windows, a great view of the streets down below, and luxury-living features. From the 1920s when penthouses were used by artists and famous people, penthouses have now become an in-demand type of accommodation in almost all cities in the world, especially in Malta. Because of the demand, also expect to pay premium prices for these penthouse units.

What about Duplex Penthouses?

Again, because of the huge demand for luxurious penthouses, architects in Malta thought to come up with a duplex penthouse design. This way, two renters can occupy the topmost floor of a building. But of course, if you wish to enjoy utmost privacy, you can rent the entire duplex penthouse and enjoy a bigger room for yourself or your family.

Things to Remember when Buying or Renting a Penthouse in Malta

Whether you end up choosing the traditional or duplex penthouse in Malta, it is important to note the location of the unit. Also check on the most important things like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the size of the outdoor space which you are paying a premium for, the condition of the property, the price of the penthouse itself as well as the fees that you need to shell out for before purchasing or renting the property.

All in all, penthouses in Malta are a great investment if you are thinking of buying property in Malta. On the other hand, if you simply wish to stay in Malta for a prolonged holiday and you want luxurious accommodations to go along with it, then renting a traditional or duplex penthouse is still perfect for you.


Penthouses in Malta are built on the highest floor or a multiple-storey building or flat structure. As compared to flats, penthouses have more luxurious features, they usually offer a great view of the city, and there is a terrace where such a view can be enjoyed.
Due to the high demand for penthouses, architects designed duplex penthouses which usually consist of a unit at the topmost floor of a building, and the floor right below it. This can be rented separately by two renters for more profit, or by just one individual who wants to enjoy a bigger living space and utmost privacy.
Before renting or buying a property in Malta, especially premium ones like penthouses, you must visit several properties first. Visit the penthouse unit at different times of the day so you can have an idea about how busy the street below gets, and how the noise level is from the top floor. If you’re satisfied with the location and the property itself, make sure that you are aware of the associated fees before buying or renting. More importantly, work with an authorized real estate agent who is familiar with the local real estate laws in Malta.