Maisonette in Malta

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Renting or Buying a Maisonette in Malta

Maisonette in Malta

Malta is one of the few places in the world where you do not have to worry about a language barrier because everyone speaks English.

It boasts of three UNESCO World Heritage sites, a warm climate, lovely people and stunning beaches.

Whether you’re planning a short visit, a prolonged holiday or even if you are thinking about staying for good, the good news is that there are numerous property types that you can either rent or buy here.

Maisonettes versus other types of properties

If you are exploring the world on a budget, you have probably stayed at a charming flat to feel like a local in a city that you have always wanted to visit. In Malta, flats are a popular living option for families, hence the prices of this type of property increased way back in 2005. Today, flats are a great option for those who wish to have an extended stay in Malta.

Another option that you may want to explore is a townhouse. These are popular in cities like Sliema, where there are pre- and post-war flats lining the stretches of promenades. Because of the age of these types of properties, they have become something of a rare commodity so if you stumble upon one, you are in for an experience.

Then, there are maisonettes to rent that you can find in almost any city in Malta. If you are thinking of buying or renting one, here is the maisonette definition first. Basically, when you buy a maisonette, it means that you are purchasing a piece of property which is part of a larger structure, usually a large building. Perhaps the biggest advantage of looking for maisonettes is that these living options provide people with their own entrance from the outside. Flats usually have common entrances. But if you will rent a maisonette, for example, you will have unique access to your home.

You may also stumble upon duplex maisonettes. If you need more space, these are perfect because the property covers two-storey structures. If you have a large family, maybe this is a better option for you. Some even have access to a shared or full roof terrace where you can entertain family and friends. Still, if you are going for a single ground floor maisonette, very often you have the luxury of enjoying your own backyard or front terrace. 

There are also penthouses which are luxury living units on top floors of flats or other residential buildings. If you’re looking forward to partaking in some old-world charm, a house of character built using traditional architecture might just be for you. Depending on your personal preferences and your lifestyle, there is a type of property that you can rent or buy to perfectly suit your needs.

How do I decide which maisonette to rent or buy?

If you want to rent a maisonette in Malta, remember that they are usually located over garages, shops, or other maisonettes. Still, if you are lucky, you might even stumble upon maisonettes with a pool or a duplex maisonette for sale with luxurious interiors. When deciding which maisonette to rent or buy, it pays to look at the available options. Once you register your profile on, you can look at a range of properties available on the market, manage a listing, contact the owner directly, or even write a review. Renting or buying a maisonette in Malta will be easy if you follow our tips.


One of the best advantages of renting a maisonette is that you can have your own private entrance to the property. Unlike flats which have a common entrance and associated shared costs of upkeep, maisonettes have their own entrance – whether the property is located on the first or second floor of a building.
A duplex maisonette is a two-storey property where you also have your own entrance. Since maisonettes are part of a larger structure which simply has its own door, you may be saving a bit on rent as compared to pricier townhouses or flats.
It’s all a matter of doing your homework. How long are you staying in Malta? Does it make sense to buy or rent a property? If you’re short on cash, for example, a solitary maisonette will give you the privacy minus the high costs associated with other types of properties. More importantly, make sure that you are working with a reputable real estate website or agent so you can have access to the legitimate maisonettes and similar properties which are for rent or for sale in Malta.

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