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Rent a Terraced House in Malta

Terraced houses in Malta make excellent family homes

Mostly introduced to the island after the Second World War, they are designed for family living and are generally found in the newer parts of town. As well as the older properties, terraced houses also feature in some of the most modern developments.

When you choose to rent a terraced house in Malta, you can expect a certain standard. If space is an important consideration because you want room for the kids to play or an area to set aside as a home office, terraced houses are usually the answer. Many of the examples in Malta are based on three bedrooms and two bathrooms and another advantage for a family is that there is usually some outdoor space attached to the house – a garden, yard, or terrace.

Terraced houses are one of the most popular housing types in Malta in the early 21st century, so you’ll need to move quickly when you find one you like. It all starts with finding a terraced house to rent that you want to view.

Use our search facility to identify properties and make a shortlist – keeping an eye on availability. It’s just a case of setting your search criteria and hitting the button.  Happy house hunting!