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Rent a Pet-Friendly Property in Malta

You may adore your furry friend, but you probably also know that your doggy or moggy might not be welcomed by every landlord.  It is vital that if you want your beloved animal to live with you, you rent a pet-friendly property in Malta.

You should not just hope “the landlord won’t mind” or decide not to tell the landlord about your pet. You cannot violate the terms of your tenancy agreement as this could result in you being asked to leave your home and you may also face a fight to get your deposit returned. There are plenty of animal-loving landlords and it is not difficult to find a pet-friendly property to rent in Malta or Gozo.

The key is in the search. We have included the option in our search function. All you have to do is click “pet-friendly” in the category section. You then go onto specify your other criteria of budget and location.

We know that all landlords may not specify their property as pet-friendly, so we suggest you make another search where you ignore the pet-friendly category and go to advanced search and enter “pet” as a keyword.  This will show you properties that allow pets and those that do not.

Good luck in finding a pet-friendly property to rent that you and your furry friend will be happy to call home.