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Rent a Bungalow in Malta

People look to rent a bungalow in Malta for one major reason – the convenience of living all on one level. You don’t have to have mobility issues to appreciate that!

Bungalows can be found in Malta and Gozo and are detached or semi-detached homes. Various types of homes can be one-storey and therefore classed as a bungalow. One-storey is very popular for modern villas but not so for older farmhouses in the islands. You might find a bungalow that is classed as a house of character and you’ll also find non-bungalows – these are bungalows that have had rooms built into the roof space so they’re no longer effectively one-storey.

You search for a bungalow to rent much exactly as you would any type of property. Property type is one of the major options in our basic search function. Choose that and then you can move onto the other criteria that will narrow down the choices that suit you. You can set your budget to rule out anything you can’t afford and decide on location. Location can be a specific town or a general geographical area. You can also set out any features you might like in the advanced tab.

Good luck in finding a bungalow to rent in Malta.