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Duplex for Sale in Malta

When you are looking for a Duplex for sale in Malta you obviously have a definite idea of what you are looking for. A duplex makes a great family home but is also ideal for couples who are planning children in the future as there is room to grow into.

It’s possible that you might not have been especially looking to buy a duplex, but you happen to come across a few when browsing our listings. A duplex can as easily fulfil your demands for a home as an apartment, maisonette, or even a small terraced house.

Listings of duplexes to buy may not be as numerous as other types of property in Malta and Gozo but they do come onto the market regularly and always garner interest from those who can see the benefits of duplex living.

Use the options in our search facility to be as narrow or as wide as you like per your criteria. You can specify a postcode or geographical area, or a particular town. You might need or want a specific number of bedrooms or bathrooms. You might even be very particular about the amenities you want to see.

Search for a duplex for sale in Malta and you might very soon be opening the door to your new home.