Different kinds of sale listing

Different kinds of sale listing

How to list your property

Different kinds of sale listing

There are many homeowners who are trying to sell their property. You might be confused as to how to start advertising your property. This article will show you there are different kinds of listings when it comes to putting one's property for sale.

The owner of the property has the right to sell the property himself, but he/she can also choose to hire a broker to sell the property on his/her behalf. By using the services of a real estate broker or even a number of real estate agencies, the property will be viewed by more potential buyers and consequently the owner will be contacted by more individuals interested in purchasing the property. 

Exclusive agency

One can hire a real estate agency for a specific period of time. When giving exclusivity to an agency, the owner will still have the option to sell the property himself. No other agencies are hired; just main broker is retained. There is a specific period of time during which the exclusive agent is allowed to search for buyers for the property. The biggest advantage of hiring an exclusive agency is that the owner of the property can also sell it without having to pay the broker any commission.

Multiple agencies

By choosing this option the property will be listed in different real estate agencies and thus will be visible to more buyers. An agreement between the owner and the agents will be made whereby the latter will receive a commission should they succeed in selling the property. It is the job of the broker to advertise, find potential buyers and show the property to interested parties.  If the agents succeed in selling the property at a good price, the commission paid to them would have been worth it.

Sell the property on your own

If you want to list a property and sell it on your own, you have to invest more time than when you leave it in the hands of agencies. In this case, here are a few tips to help you write your first listing:

  • You need to register with a website such as Realestates.mt and answer all the questions.
  • When you submit your first listing, make sure you provide all the necessary information for potential buyers.
  • It is better to disclose all the information that will help a buyer decide whether they are willing to purchase the property or not.

There are several ways you can list your property for sale. It might not be convenient for you to search for buyers yourself or you might not have the time to fetch the right price for your property. You should choose a way to list that fits you according to convenience and the circumstances. It largely depends on how much time and energy you can spare to sell your property.

If the sale of the property occurred because the agent found the buyer, you would have to pay the agent a commission.
It is a fairly easy procedure and there are many sites available for you to do so.
There are several real estate agencies most of which have a website through which they can be contacted.