What you can do

Our mission is to offer a high quality service and to ensure our users are happy! Our services are a simple and convenient solution which has been created from the perspective that home and relationship between owners and tenants are vitally important. For this reason what you can do on Realestates.mt is:

Realestates.mt gives you a simple and fast way to find and sell

Realestates.mt is a website that gives the opportunity to tenants, buyers and owners to get in touch each other without the help of a real estate agent. It also offers the possibility for users to add reviews, comments and reports. This is very important, because owners and as well tenants, can check the reviews before buy or rent a property. Realestates.mt is not only this, because gives the opportunity to review various operating activities in the real estate sector like: contractors, handy man etc. All the users can add a report and also ask for legal advice. 

Fast and smart searching

Find a place has never been simple like with Realestates.mt. In our website you will find a very simple listings filter that give to you the opportunity to find your perfect place in minutes. You can also save your favorite listings and follow it, contact the owner or simple ask a question through chat. With us you will get a real feel of the place, because we ask to owners to provide only truthful photos and videos of the property. 

Write reviews to other users: owners, tenants, contractors and more

How important are reviews? The review introduces and gives powerful information about users like owner, tenants, contractors and more or about property. They help owners to understand better tenants and even for tenants is important to have more information about owners. Users can find other reviews similar to their, so they can look at similar experience. So the reader will have a framework for the property and for the user at the same time. 

Get in touch each other

Once you’ve got an idea of the place, you’ll want an idea of the owner and the vice versa, because also the owners would like to know in advance if the tenants are respectful tenants. With our features, you can send and receive messages from users and you can also get in touch with the customer support of Realestates.mt.

Fast and smart listings

Submit a new a listing is very simple. The owners just need to select the correct listing where they want to add their property and fill out the form. They can add photos, summary and all the information to create a powerful listing. They can also add their phone number to receive calls from tenants and specify the schedule when they are available to receive calls. Even for tenants it will be easy to find your perfect place on our Rent Listings or Buy listings always update, fast and smart!

Make your voice heard by writing a report

Want to amplify your voice? Make your voice heard by many people: add a new report on Realestates.mt. Your report will have a long lasting publishing more than Facebook and it will get more people with similar experience. Write a report is important for you but also for other people that thanks to your help may not have the same problem and find a solution. 

Get fast legal advice

Write a report is sometimes not enough to get a solution. For this reason we give to our community the opportunity to get fast legal advice by filling out our form. How it works? When you fill out the form we ask you some basic information about your problem or your question and date and time when you are available to talk with our lawyer. Resolve your issue and be on your way in minutes.