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Formation and Company Background

Bernards Real Estate Malta

Information about Bernards Real Estate - a privately owned real estate agency based in Malta 

Bernards Real Estate was founded in May 1997 by Bernard Bugeja, an individual who boasts more than 25 years of continuous experience at the forefront of the real estate sector. After holding positions at various levels across the sector, Bugeja combined all of his talents and vision to create a real estate agency that encompasses all the best elements of what he believes a property dealing firm should be.

The Branch Network

Bernards Real Estate operates out of a modern, smart office centrally located in Sliema. The branch is found on Sir Adrian Dingli Street in Sliema.

Bernards Real Estate Employees

There is no disclosure on the website about the number of employees who work for Bernards Real Estate, but it can be assumed to be between 10 and 20 employees made up of property agents and support staff. LinkedIn states the number of employees to be between 2 and 10. Bernards refer to their front line staff as property consultants rather than real estate agents.

The Operation

Bernards Real Estate deals solely with the selling and buying of properties across the Maltese islands. The main focus of their property portfolio is the at the middle and upper reaches of the market however, they will deal with any client at any level of investment. They do not discriminate between someone who wants to buy their first home from someone looking for substantial properties to let – everyone achieves the high standard personalized service. The property consultants specialize in different sectors of the market so whatever the client is looking for, they receive the attention of an expert.

The company also deals in rentals. Options are for all kinds of residential and commercial properties on short and long term contracts and range from flats to garage/lock-up units to fully-equipped offices.

On the website, clients are able to use a “wish list” function wherein properties of interest can be tagged and reviewed in the list created. There is the option to make multiple lists if required.

Commission and Fees

Fees are not disclosed on the website but for that exact reason, it’s fair to assume that Bernards Real Estate charges the Maltese standard of 5% commission on sales, with the possibility of a lower fee for a sole agency agreement.

Reasons to Choose Bernards Real Estate

Decades of experience and presence on the islands means that the service you receive from Bernards Real Estate is full of expertise. If you are looking for a smaller, more personable and tailor-made experience in your property dealings, then it might be worth opting for Bernards Real Estate over some bigger names.

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