Rent a Penthouse in Malta


A penthouse is a statement home

Tell someone you live in a penthouse and they immediately assume luxury living and the person living there as having “made it”! And that is true whether you buy or rent a penthouse in Malta. Thanks to a fast-moving real estate market and Special Designated Areas, there is no shortage of penthouses in the islands.

Renting a penthouse is a great way to enjoy a lifestyle property without the commitment of a mortgage. Renting keeps you mobile and if you want to spend time in different parts of Malta to enjoy the best the island has to offer, penthouses are in some of the best locations. One of the best reasons to rent a penthouse in Malta is the views, so penthouses are especially popular in coastal locations.

When you’re looking for a penthouse to rent, the search criteria is much the same for any property – you just have to decide which of location, size, and budget is most important to you. With our search function, you can swap around your criteria as much as you like to identify potentials you want to view. Be as specific or as wide-ranging as you like to find your dream penthouse to rent in Malta.

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