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  • In case of a dispute you have a certified third party evidence

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Properties search in Malta
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  • We take a virtual tour to certify the property's status
  • In case of dispute you have a certified third party evidence

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Win Tenancy Cases with a Third-Party Inventory Checker

One of the most common reasons why tenants and landlords lose deposits is because of a lack of evidence. Landlords are often caught out because even though they take photos of a house, they do not date stamp the photos or prove what the house actually looked like when the tenant entered. On the other hand, tenants lose out because they cannot prove what the house looked like before they entered, which means any evidence they produce after leaving is void. Proving who did what and who is in the right requires outside authorization.

We Don’t Fight Your Battles - We Give You the Proof to Fight Your Own

If you are having a security deposit problem, our Certified Inventory Service can come to your rescue. Our service provides solid and verified evidence that you may present to your landlord. If the landlord still refuses to refund your deposit, you can provide the evidence to a legal representative to fight your case. The evidence may well prevent the need to take a case to court, with the legal representatives for both sides working to resolve the problem.

Protecting Tenants

Take your own photos and get your own evidence, but also get our team in to document the house and its contents when you first enter the house (within a week at least). If you feel there may be some dispute about the deposit, you can request us to document your home when you leave. You will be able to prove what damage was and was not your fault, and therefore have a far stronger case for retrieving your security deposit back.

Protecting also Landlords

If you are a landlord, allow us to photograph, record and time stamp the house and its contents on the day when the tenants arrive (not too far in advance before they arrive, or it nullifies your evidence). We will also document the house and its contents on request when the tenant leaves. This again needs to be fairly soon after the tenant leaves (preferably on the same day). With our third-party evidence and your own, you have a far stronger case to win your deposit dispute.

Not for Use with Social Housing

Sadly, even though we are happy to examine your new rental property if you live on a housing estate, the fact is that modern 2019 renting laws do not apply to social housing. This applies in places like Malta, parts of Europe, and the UK.

Not for Use Under Contracts of Emphyteusis

If you have a long-term contract with a landlord, and the structure is improved by you the tenant, then our service cannot help you retrieve your deposit at the end of your lease. This applies in places like Malta, parts of Europe, and the UK.

Added Protection for Both Landlords and Tenants

Tenants have had a raw deal over the last century in places like Malta, and only in 2019 have new laws come in to protect them. Also, in the United Kingdom, 2019 saw a ban on tenant fees and the Conservative government introduced a deposit cap.

As a tenant, you can fully exploit the new laws to retrieve your security deposit after your tenancy is over, and you can do it through the use of our services. We document the house before you start living there and after you leave, which helps to prove how well you kept the house.

Good landlords have also had a rough deal as they are often tarred with the same brush as the nefarious landlords that keep deposits. With our service, you can prove what the house looked like just as the tenant enters, and you can prove what it looks like after the tenant leaves. You can prove how well it looked as the tenant entered and prove whatever damage you are charging for after the tenant left.

A Paltry Expense That Saves You Hundreds

Security deposits these days are so high that it has gone beyond a joke. Unless the house is filled with precious antiques, it seems unfair that security deposits are so high. Yet, until the law changes that limits deposits, you are probably going to be fighting over a fairly hefty sum. For the sake of a little money invested in our inventory and documentary service, you can provide third-party independent evidence that backs up your claim. This will make it far easier to win your security deposit dispute when it goes to arbitrators, or even if it needs legal intervention.

Be you a tenant, landlord, or even an agent, you can benefit greatly from the third-party evidence our company provides, and we do it at a very reasonable price.