Properties with garages for sale in Malta

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Why you should buy a garage in Malta

Properties with garages for sale in MaltaIn most countries garages are simply used for storage. Not so in Malta.

While in times gone by a car was considered an asset one had to look after and thus garage at every opportunity, nowadays even if you wanted to park your car on the road, finding a parking space is a nightmare in most streets.


Thus, properties with garages for sale in Malta are very sought after. Properties in Malta offer a myriad of options for off-street parking: 

  • Garages accessed through a communal drive, usually found at basement or semi basement level
  • Reserved parking spaces underneath a residential development 
  • Street level or basement garages as part of a house
  • Garages with a drive usually found as part of a villa

If size matters

If a garage is really important to you and you want one which has space for multiple cars or which you can also use as a games room, a cinema or for storage than most probably buying a terraced house would be your best choice. These properties usually found on the outskirts of Maltese towns and villages, were built at a time when land was not as scarcely available as it is today and most come with a good sized garage. Some of them are found at basement or semi basement level, and are as big as the house. The potential of these garages is incredible. Some have even converted them into business premises. 

The option to buy or rent separately

But if what you’re after is a house of character or a town house, don’t despair. Usually if there is a garage attached to these houses it is a one or at most a two-car garage. However, if you find the house of your dreams and it does not come with a garage or if it includes one which is too small for your needs, you can always look at what’s available to buy separately or to rent in the neighbourhood.

Is a driveway important?

If a drive is what you fancy, then your best bet is to go for a detached or semi-detached villa. These usually have driveways leading to a garage at ground floor level. Most of these garages are found at the side of the villa. Some are at basement or semi basement level, similar to those found in terraced houses.

Garages in residential blocks

Nowadays no residential development is granted planning permission unless parking is taken into consideration. So, if what you’re after is an apartment, a penthouse or a maisonette you are bound to be offered the opportunity to buy a garage or a parking space. These are mainly underground and some owners prefer to sell them separately as they are very well sought after. So, make sure you ask the estate agent about the availability of a garage or a parking space even if the property is not advertised as having one, as it might simply be a case that it is being advertised separately. 

Think twice before buying a property without a garage

Even if you don’t own a car and never intend to, you should still seek a property with a garage. For one if you go on to sell the property you will alienate quite a few potential buyers if a garage is not available. Moreover, in the short run, you can rent the garage. There are always neighbours who are looking for a place to park their car, store items or to pursue a hobby. If you live in a busy area like Sliema, St Julian’s, Valletta, Qawra and anywhere else with offices and limited parking you can also rent your garage or parking space to commuters. 

If you are buying your property as a buy to let investment keep in mind that most renters require a garage. So, it makes sense to try and buy a property which includes one. 

What to look out for in a garage

It always makes sense to ensure that your car can enter the garage easily, especially if the garage is at basement or semi-basement level or in a narrow street. So, ask for permission to try it out. You might additionally want to make sure that the garage has a water and electricity supply, especially if it is not attached to your property as is the case in residential blocks. The garage door is also something to take into consideration. Nowadays electric garage doors are becoming more popular due to the convenience they offer. You might want to budget for a replacement if the property is not equipped with one. 


While both can be secure as most parking spaces are found in a secure car park, sometimes including CCTV, a garage offers you the added security of a garage door. It also means that you have the choice to use it for storage.
If you decide to sell or rent the property, prospective buyers or tenants will most probably ask for a garage. Even if you are going to live in it yourself you can always use the garage for storage, to run a business or rent it out.
It makes sense to ask an architect to check your garage out. This is especially important if it is underground as it might suffer from damp issues, structural problems, lack of ventilation or it might be susceptible to flooding, just to mention some possible issues you might come across. - 68 Waterfront Place, Suite 1-2 The Strand Tas-Sliema, SLM 1022 - Malta