How to List a Property for Rent

When you have a property to rent, you need to advertise it well to find tenants. Writing a good advert is as important as finding the right site for your listing. Use these tips to write a listing on

How to write a great advert

As a landlord, your prime concern is making sure you have a constant rental income and that means always having tenants in your property. But, that doesn’t mean you should let to just anyone. You need to attract the right kind of tenants. You might target different kinds of tenants depending on your property – such as students or singles for a studio flat or a family for a townhouse – but you still want good tenants from that demographic.

Getting the right tenants starts with your listing. When you list your property to rent, there are a few key guidelines to follow. Use these tips to create a great rental advert on

Set your rental price

The monthly rental is the most vital piece of info as prospective tenants will normally list by price for their budget range. When setting your price, take the following into consideration:

  • The current rental market
  • Rents for comparable properties
  • The neighbourhood
  • Seasonality if you’re letting on a short-term basis
  • Any special features that would command a premium on the basic rental

Write a catchy title

This is the first step to attract prospective tenants to read your full listing. The title should be short but contain the precise information about your property. A good formula to follow is

€#pcm - #bedrooms/#bathrooms, property type[apartment/house etc], in [location} with [something notable]

For example:

€600pcm- 3 bed/2 bath villa in Bugibba with private pool

Write an effective description of the property

An effective description will contain all the immediate information a prospective tenant will wish to know to enable them to consider a viewing.  This means you need to include:

  • A good, visual description of the property
  • The date it is available from
  • Special conditions such as furnished or unfurnished and if pets are allowed
  • Include the amenities
  • Details of the average monthly utility bills and other costs
  • Highlights of the neighbourhood e.g. transport links and entertainment

Include quality photos

Spend time on getting good photographs. A prospective tenant will usually look at the photos before reading the description. Preferably, there should be at least one photo of each room and any outdoor space. It is worth considering getting a professional to take photographs as they will produce a much higher quality than any amateur.

Finances and Agreements

Be sure to include the amount required as a deposit, the letting term (it is ok to just state a minimum term) and any requirements for the rental agreement you haven’t included in the description or elsewhere in the listing.

And remember!

Do not be discriminatory or display any kind of prejudice in your listing. You cannot state that you will not accept same-sex couples or exclude certain religions.

Promoting your property to let

There are ways to make your advert more accessible and visible to people:

Use social media:  You can promote your listing on social media platforms with a simple message and a link to your listing.

Create a video: Even though you have uploaded pictures to your listing, videos are an excellent selling technique. Create a short, well-made video of a walk through of your property and post it on your social media platforms and YouTube (and a link to your listing).

Encourage referrals: ask your contacts and friends and family to spread the word, and if they’re willing, to also post your listing link on their social media.

Signage: Make sure it is evident that your property is available to let with an exterior sign.

Kerb Appeal: Don’t forget to keep up appearances when your property is empty. Maintain kerb appeal for anyone who chooses to drive or walk by the property before requesting a viewing.

Now you are ready to get the right tenants and you can List a property for free now!


We do not charge fees to landlords.

We cannot answer that. It all depends on market forces. You may be lucky to find a tenant within a couple of days but it can also take a lot longer.

This is not a service we currently offer but the tips above should help you write a good advert for your property. We also advise you to look at other listings as examples.

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