How to List a Property for Sale

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How to Write a Good Advert

How to List a Property for SaleWhen you create an advert to sell or to rent your house, you now have an open online portal where you are asked for details, photos, and the like. You enter your house’s vital statistics, but you are stuck for the sort of text that will help sell your house. Here is some advice on what to write and add when you list a property.

Getting it Right From the Start

Veteran house sellers will tell you that the surge from the first time you list is the best time to sell your house. That is why it is so important that you get your advert right the very first time you post it.


Write a simple and direct title including type of property 

In the title, you should indicate the city and an attractive adjective. Add a few key words at the end of your title. The key words may include how your house has a garden, or is 50% powered by solar power, or whatever other selling points you think people are searching for.

Throw in plenty of Honesty

You can dramatically improve the credibility of your listing if you throw in lots of honesty. For example, you can say that the roof insulation misses the corners and the areas where the roof beams extend out. You can say how many years the boiler has before it needs replacing. But juxtapose your honesty with comments on its potential.

You could say how the supporting walls make it impossible to extend the bathroom, but also how your neighbours have extended their houses out around the back, so planning permission to do the same shouldn't hurt.  You may have mentioned how the roof insulation will need shoring up, but you could also mention how with just a few adjustments, the roof could become a pleasant entertainment area.

Add in information about bills and energy ratings

An Energy Performance Certificate is a legal requirement in a lot of countries but your listing should contain supporting information, such as how the house has insulation, solar panels, double glazing, etc.

Include information about bills, and do not fudge the numbers to make them look better. People are not dumb, and the credibility of your advert will be severely limited if you claim a three bedroomed house costs as little to run as a studio apartment. Include information about payment meters, water meters, and such if they are installed.

Add information about your area

Tell people about local bus routes and how often they run near your house, and maybe how long it takes to get to town from your house. Mention closest amenities, shops, and facilities. Tell people which schools your house is in the catchment area for, and any other perks of the area, such as distance to the nearest beach, and so forth.

Uploading good pictures

People have written blog posts and books (funny ones) about property listing photos. Even today, you can run through hundreds of property listings and find some simply hilarious photos. From the photos of bedrooms that look like they were decorated by the Smurfs, to pictures that have clearly been photo-shopped to make the rooms look bigger. Here are some rules to live by:

  • Take numerous photos of the same room so you can pick the best one
  • Photograph during broad daylight, open the curtains and turn on the lights
  • Keep larger items and remove or hide smaller items (including stripping smaller decorations)
  • Be hyper-aware of what can be seen through the windows (other people, untidy gardens)
  • Photograph rooms and the garden twice to give people a sense of area and scale

Final Thought - Credibility

It is not what you say, but if people believe what you say. That is why being honest is probably your biggest selling point. Do not assume that everybody is hunting for a perfect house. Some people go into a purchase expecting to have to spend money on updating the house, decorating, new boilers, new fences, and so forth. You do not have to highlight imperfections, but trying to hide them will damage the credibility of your advert, and fewer and fewer people will contact you as a result of them.


It is proven that real estate agents have a good track record and are more speedy at selling then DIY “For Sale by Owner”. It is also less effort as the listing site will do all the marketing on your behalf as well as providing guidance on how to best present your property.
There is no right or wrong answer. You have to check the housing market, if it is stable and prices have been on an upwards trend for the last five years, although it is expected there will be a 10% decrease in prices due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.
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