Student Accommodation in Malta

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Finding Student Accommodation in Malta

Student Accommodation in Malta

Malta is a great place to study not only for Maltese nationals but also for international students thanks to the beauty of the island, the fact that English is widely spoken, and that the university is well regarded. International students not only visit to attend the university for 3+ years but many short term students are attracted by the island’s language schools. All this equates to a healthy demand for student housing in Malta.

How to Find Student Accommodation in Malta

There are a number of ways to find suitable places to live as a student:

University accommodation: If you are studying at the university, there is designated student housing. Applications have to be submitted directly to the university. If they are unable to offer you accommodation, they offer advice on finding it elsewhere.

Language schools: Some schools have their own accommodation which will only be available to qualifying students. They will also have an advisory service.

Letting agents: The rental market in Malta is generally a growing one, so as more accommodation is becoming available to rent, so the number of letting agencies increases. It is worth registering with more than one.

Real estate agents: Do not just rely on real estate websites. Information is good and detailed but often out of date. Make contact with agencies in person to be kept up to date with properties as they become available.

Facebook groups: A good way of making connections. These are real estate agents, but also landlords who post available flats for long-lets and short-lets. Renting directly from a landlord avoids letting fees.

Comparison platforms: Although not as common as other options above, a comparison website aggregates properties from various sources and usually offers an advanced search function.

Don't restrict yourself to one resource, but browse all of them often.

Make sure you know what you are looking for

It is important you have some idea of what accommodation you are looking for. There are certain questions you need to ask and answer for yourself.

What is your budget? Generally, you should reckon on a minimum 400 € for a room and 700 € for a flat in the most popular areas. Cheaper places may be found but there will be extra travelling distance to consider.

Do you have a preferred property type? This is a matter of personal taste and Malta has an excellent selection of all different types of property, but type may not be a priority if the accommodation fits other criteria.

When do you need to move in? the rental market in Malta is fast-paced so it is best to start looking for a place no earlier than 2-4 weeks before moving in. If you have flexibility in dates, it’s easier to find somewhere in the winter season than the summer.

How long will you stay? Are you looking for a short-term or long-term let? Long-term let contracts are most often cheaper than if you are staying for one to six months.

Where do you want to live? Undoubtedly, you want to live as close to university/school as possible. Further out may be cheaper but remember to factor in the time and cost of the commute if you have transport.

Do you want to share a flat/room? If yes, you have fewer options for finding a place than those listed above. Real estate agents don’t advertise flat or room shares. You’ll need to find local listings as well as use the other mentioned resources. Facebook groups and specialist websites such as are places to start and university and school noticeboards are also useful places to look. If you can find your float/housemates before you find a property, you will have more options open to you and real estate agents will also be willing to help.

The Take Away

  • Don't leave everything to hope or chance!
  • Have some idea of what kind of accommodation you want
  • Know your budget
  • Be clear on how long you will sign a tenancy agreement for.
  • Browse a number of resources frequently - 68 Waterfront Place, Suite 1-2 The Strand Tas-Sliema, SLM 1022 - Malta