Advantages and disadvantages of Flat Sharing

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Why share a flat?

Advantages and disadvantages Of Flat Sharing

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of Flat Sharing, but in general it is quite advantageous to share a flat to reduce the cost of living. Sharing a flat always makes it more affordable for those who choose to cohabit in the same apartment.

Most of the bills can be divided among the flat-mates and that automatically reduces the cost of living. In fact, there are many people who prefer to share their house rather than rent the entire flat.

Improve your lifestyle

Sharing a flat may improve your lifestyle by enabling you to live in a house that you could not otherwise have afforded alone. If you have just moved in a new city, having flat-mates that can show you around might make it easier to familiarise yourself. Most of the people who are looking forward to flat-sharing are primarily interested in enhancing their social life, apart from sharing the costs associated with renting a place. 

Financial advantage

When you decide to share your flat, finance can be a difficult issue to settle. It is very important to discuss all the financial issues before you start renting. One major point that you need to discuss and immediately clarify with your flat-mate is what percentage of the overall rent each resident is going to fork out.  The flat-mates should also reach an agreement on the amount of money each one is going to contribute for the payment of bills and taxes. The amount of money the residents will need to pay depends on the facilities and amenities of the property.

The importance of mutual agreement

If you are staying in a flat together, you will have to share the amenities and facilities. It is always advisable to have a written agreement that shows that each party is fully aware of his or her rights and associated obligations during the rental period.  Sometimes there are disagreements between the flat-mates and the landowner and in that case, the written agreement comes to value.

When choosing to share a flat, the mode of payment should also be decided. It is also recommended to maintain an accounts book where all the expenses incurred and financial transactions occurring are recorded. It may sound a bit fancy but in the long run, it helps to avoid confusion among the flat-mates. Once you have settled to share the rent, it is also a good idea to make a budget for the daily expenditure. Since you are living together and consuming the same stuff, it is only fair for all the residents to divide the cost of everything.

In order to avoid conflicts and maintain peace in the house, it is necessary that all the agreements and any important decisions are taken beforehand. It might be a good idea even to distribute the household chores. In order to have a positive flat sharing experience, make sure any queries and doubts are cleared.


Sharing accommodation could be a very pleasant experience but before you move in, you should consider all the details and rules of the flat. You should also get all the information regarding the security and safety of the flat. Sharing accommodation can save you a lot of money. Since you do not need to pay for the apartment alone, the money you save can be invested in other things.

Sharing a flat with others has become quite a trend in recent years as the people searching for a job outside of their hometown are increasing and it is quite convenient to stay together in a flat with a group of other people. - 68 Waterfront Place, Suite 1-2 The Strand Tas-Sliema, SLM 1022 - Malta