Co-working in Sliema - Perfect place for any budgets

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Co-working highly recommended 

We’ve had such a good experience with Frendo International Investments Ltd, so we would definitely recommend the owner and as well the offices located in Sliema. Housewise knows well the owner and can confirm that he is very professional, returned calls and emails promptly. The offices, located next to Sliema ferries, is very close to everything: shops, restaurants, cafes and supermarket. From the balcony, one of the office's common area, there is an amazing view of Valletta. At the moment there are available spots on the co-working area, but as well private office.

Kindly feel free to contact Frendo International Investments Ltd by felling out the form below.

Hide comments - 68 Waterfront Place, Suite 1-2 The Strand Tas-Sliema, SLM 1022 - Malta